Campus – Preschool Classroom

Preschool Classroom: At River Mist, we consider the environment one of the most important “teachers”. This is most obvious in our Preschool Indoor Classroom, which is an environment designed to be shared by 3–5-year-old children. The Preschool Indoor Classroom is a center-based environment, with learning stations, or centers, placed throughout the room. Teachers design these learning centers, and change them routinely, in order to foster and nurture the skills of the children in all domains of learning. Children choose their center by placing their picture by that center- they move their picture when they move to another center. This fosters independence, engages the children with choice, and prevents too many children being at a center at once. While centers are changed to keep the children engaged, there are certain staples like the library that are always accessible (although the books are rotated frequently.) In this classroom all children use the toilet and there is a bathroom located within the classroom. There is also an additional sink located just outside the bathroom. This classroom is large, and two learning areas are used for two age groups, 3-4 years and 4-5 years. When in their designated learning areas with their lead teachers, children are learning age-appropriate skills. At other times of the day, such as center time, these two groups may combine in their shared classroom. There is ample natural light in this room, with large windows that can be opened for ventilation. This classroom has views of the playground outside, a lilac bush, and the barn. Activity can cease if a large troupe of deer or wild turkeys are spotted out a window!