Campus – River Environment with Outdoor Classroom

River Environment with Outdoor Classroom (late spring – early fall) At the very back of the River Mist property, the Florida River runs through it. This is a small river, and may be called a creek by people who live in other regions of the country. It is not connected to the Animas River (the large river that runs through downtown Durango). It is fed by Lemon Dam. There is a large open area by the river where the staff and children take walking field trips. We see much wildlife, including large birds who come to fish. There are many trees, wildflowers, and low grasses. We enjoy exploring and observing this environment and discussing the seasonal changes that occur. This is not a fenced area, and safety is important. Two adult staff are always required to accompany children to the river. They must also take a first aid kit and walkie talkie, with one piece left with an adult staff member inside the building. Only children 3-5 years are ever allowed in the water, and this is only under certain conditions (hot day, low water, sufficient number of adults in and out of water with children) and always pre planned. All activity at the river is heavily supervised. Children are constantly counted and directly observed by staff. This is probably what most River Mist children would name as their favorite environment! It is a truly unique aspect of River Mist, and we visit this environment frequently. We spend the largest blocks of time here during the warmer months of the year.