Campus – Toddler Classroom

Toddler Classroom (year-round) The toddler Classroom is a space designed for children ages 1-3 years old. The classroom is center based, with different learning stations, or centers, set up for toddlers to openly explore. These centers contain age-appropriate materials (puzzles, manipulatives, toys, etc.) that foster different domains of development and learning. A library of various board books is rotated monthly and accessible to the toddlers at all times. Musical instruments and art materials are also readily available. A diaper changing station and adjacent bathroom with a small potty serve all stages of 1-3 year old development. Toddler size tables, chairs, and other furniture provide a sense of belonging and comfort to the children. Windows in this room allow for ample natural light and can be opened for fresh air. The theme reflected in the room is usually seasonal, with the outdoor environment being reflected in the interior of the classroom.