Clarissa Zeller, Lead Teacher (Preschool Program, ages 4-5 years)

Clarissa Zeller grew up in Alaska but came stateside to earn her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. She worked as a Lead Youth Peer Mentor from 2014-2021, working with students in a STEM program. Clarissa finds that working with children comes naturally to her and she is enjoying working with the preschool age group this year. She finds joy in watching her students grow and flourish. Clarissa enjoys working at River Mist because “We are very connected as a team. The environment here allows you to thrive as a teacher.” Clarissa has a very active lifestyle outside of work that includes activities like swimming, running, and dancing. She also paints surrealistic art. Right now, Clarissa is focusing on learning from mentors to become the best teacher she can be. In the future she plans on pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Law. She states that teaching and mentoring others will always be an important part of her life!